Inspiring peaceful resolutions to conflict
Peaceful Action
What I do

Reaching Resolution, LLC uses wisdom from the ancient teachings of Restorative Justice to guide the process for peacemaking and community building leading to personal and organizational transformation, healing, and reconciliation. We also teach you how to use these tools yourself through workshops specially designed for your organization.

Reunifying and reconciling estranged family or community members through dialogue

Building a spirit of cooperation when conflict happens within community organizations and schools

My offerings
Workshop / Training

My workshops are custom designed to fit your community’s specific needs. Workshops I offer:

  • Introduction to Restorative Justice
  • Relationship building circles
  • Implementation of restorative practices within school discipline
  • Peace circles to resolve conflict and come to consensus
  • Healing and safety circles to address bullying and toxic behavior
  • Communication strategies and skill building for kids to “Keep the Peace”

Rate is $20/hour/person.

Coaching / Consulting

 Working with a cohort of 6-10 staff at a school or organization, we advise on how to weave Restorative Practices within the culture.  

Call for Free 30 min Consultation! Rate determined by location. 

Mediation / Facilitation

Mediation Services:
Families seeking forgiveness and reconciliation where there is injury and division.
Community organizations seeking harmony where there is disunity.

Apology letter facilitation: Attorneys interested in reaching out to victims in their client’s cases

Rate is $150/hour

Working with me

I have had the privilege of working with Christine on various occasions for the past 15 years. Her trainings are personally meaningful, organizationally purposeful, and consistently well received by all participants. Though I have been to many trainings and met countless restorative justice advocates, Christine is unrivaled.

Cristina Cortesi

Substance Prevention Coordinator PhD, LCSW, CADC Stevenson HS

You know you’ve found a good, genuine, caring mediator if you learn something new every session and begin to see progress and that’s exactly what we’ve seen.

Family reengagement client
Peaceful Action
My story
I have been spreading and practicing the peaceful dialogue process of Restorative Justice since 2005 after I myself was transformed in a  peace circle in maximum security prison. I worked as a Public Defender but  saw the need for change in the way schools handle discipline because most of my juvenile caseload came from schools. I have trained more than 100 schools in Restorative Practices and love opportunities to teach youth so that they are the instigators of peace. I also teach Restorative Justice at Loyola Law School and facilitate victim/offender dialogue through the Federal Defender’s Office and among community organizations seeking to settle disputes with openness and peace. The family sessions that I have offered have been focused on reconciliation post incarceration. My aim is to create spaces for dialogue for people to be brave enough to be their authentic selves and create change that makes for peace.
Let's Connect!

I would love to connect with you. Whether you found my services beneficial, or if you want me to speak at an event, please feel free to reach out.

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